Humanities Faith

Peace Be With You All

On this world there are billions of people in different languages and races each country with different believes or faith. Including personal faith with our love ones, faith in our friends or even faith in strangers, that is good because we know if the person is good that is faith to one another giving something to one another.

World Faith
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But sometimes faith destroy us also in different ways whatever an individual think or his/her belief and it creates reaction. Peoples all over the world with their own faith and through this billions of people are lost and most of them creating their own beliefs which lead to conflicts.

Do you think that different faith destroy relationship with one another as human being? Instead of helping one another through thick & thin and love one another in different races or even different beliefs, for we are all created in the image of our Lord Jesus Christ, we are all the same as human being. Do you think destroying our relationship with one another in different races as human being is good? The people of the world has a saviour to save us from our sins, it is up to us too choose which way do we have to take. Just like Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciple Judas.


“Open your heart Judas, not your mind, open your eyes and your heart.

Not everything are always in logical and analytical thinking towards to our fellow men, sometimes we have to realized that the more important things are what is in our heart because it creates a good relationship to help one another and love one another in his name. But still some people are blind about these things and for them it is very hard to understand, maybe they are afraid to loose something.

It is very sad until nowadays that lots of people in different faith find it so difficult to reunite as human being. Creating bad opinion through one another, judging one another because of different faith and laws, lack of humanities even though they respect one another, and reject the truth continuously whatever their faith is due to fear of being rejected in the society or community or it is their costum traditions.

Do you think the world need of this “religion”? or for the sake of traditions shall continue. For some reason it seperate us human beings it creates bounderies towards one another, It is use for politics because of numbers of communities in faith.

In the end our faith will be tested and save us from our sins that’s gonna be depend on what kind of our faith or what we believe in. Hope that some people’s faith are the same faith as I do, because only the Messiah can save us from our sins He is the way through internal life, peace and love.


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