Repent / Repentance

For us or for you, what is Repentance? or what is the meaning of repentance or repent for you? does it has a huge meaning to all human everyday life? most of people don’t care about repentance or the word of repentance/repent doesn’t exist on their vocabulary, is it true? i don’t know, but how about you?

Repent means feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin.

I heard a rumors that seeing from the heaven, looking at us as human being the true form as human physically are so UN-describable due to our sins and can not be purify and the only one thing on us the beautiful form are our souls, because only our souls can be purify by doing repentance or repent with the blessings of Lord Jesus Christ.

Repent/Repentance are not easy for some many of us, committing sins are so very easy but regretting it, it is not very common to human being. Because us are thinking logical or one of the great sins does exist in our inner souls which is the negative version of pride or for some they want Justice for some reasons.

Thinking Logical is not one of the ingredients for Repentance/Repent.  I went to church on Sunday and the priest said something that was very nicely put. He was speaking about logic . The logic of people compared to the logic of God. How people try to put the logic of God in their own mind and this is impossible and wrong because God’s logic can only be understood if we put it in our heart and not try to fit it in our mind, in our logic.
Now I remembered when Jesus said to Judas “Open your heart, not your mind”. Jesus loves us so much that he wants us to heal from our sickness as no one is without sin only God and to stop doing evil.  This is what God wants us to realize and say and accept that we have sinned.  What is sins?

As parents we tell our children this is bad and this is good.  We as parents have been taught by Jesus what is right and wrong and this is what we teach our children. We tell our children not to smoke and watch television all the time but we do it ourselves. But when we mature and grow up we throw away all this information that has been given to us by God and do what ever we want without caring about the consequences or others, Why?

Jesus gives us free will to believe in Him and be healed, so we stop listening to the devil and doing his bad deeds and harming ourselves and others. Without God THE WORLD is not safe or righteous.

The negative version of Pride, This is one of the seven (7) deadly sins “Pride”, For us as human being most people or some of us don’t know how we will handle this, we must be careful in our decisions and actions so we don’t hurt our fellowmen in emotion and spirituality. This will be depends on what our decisions be humble and let Jesus Christ come to our hearts and open the truth about us and our fellowmen so that we accept our brothers or sisters and show to them the goodness of our heart.




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